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After Dinner Magician | After Dinner Comedian

After Dinner Magician

After dinner magician, Alan Hudson is one of the top comedy magicians performing all over the world.

His hilarious magic act (which can last anywhere between 5 – 45 minutes as required) is a mix of comedy, magic and mind reading. Involving members of your audience as volunteers and as part of the magic, means every show is completely unique. Alan can guess a word someone is merely thinking of or reveal your CEO’s Credit Card PIN code! He’ll make a borrowed object (watch, ring or wallet) vanish in thin air and then make it appear it in the most impossible of locations and much more.

The show is magical and funny and perfect for a corporate audience.

Clients include Google, Apple, Meta, Netflix, Warner Bros, Deloitte, Twitter, Disney and hundreds of others.

As an after dinner magician, Alan performs his comedy magic and mind reading all over the world for numerous corporate clients. He’s performed his stand up comedy magic for top companies and hotels in London, LA, Zurich, Amsterdam, Germany, Singapore, Denmark and one of the few British performers at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. The Magic Circle themselves even chose Alan to represent them for their own flagship show The Magic Circle Christmas Show – a huge honour for any magician.

Book Alan for your event and make it amazing and memorable. Visit the contact page to see if he is available.

Winner on Penn & Teller: Fool Us

Britain’s Got Talent

ITV’s The Next Great Magician

Winner of The Magic Circle’s Carlton Comedy Award

Member Of The Inner Magic Circle With Gold Star

After dinner magician

After Dinner Magician Videos

It’s all very well seeing a few pictures, but you really need to see to believe. Or not believe. Well, it is magic after all. Here are a few videos of the type unique magic Alan performs at real life events on stage at corporate events and on television.

Below are a few videos. The first one from Britain’s Got Talent with Amanda Holden in which he manages to find a signed card without the use of sleight of hand. The Next Great Magician clip, with Stephen Mulhern and Tom Parker from The Wanted with a funny trick with bags and balloons.

The third is a more general showreel so you can see if Alan is the perfect choice for your audience and event. The final one shows Alan fooling Penn & Teller in Las Vegas in their own theatre, on their TV Penn & Teller: Fool Us.

After Dinner Comedian Magician

Along with the magic seen here in the videos (below), Alan also performs mind reading and can even perform close up magic sleight of hand projected on to a huge screen.

He can also perform some bespoke magic with your company logo and involve audience members. Your guests become the stars of the show. For instance, if you have ever wanted to know your CEO’s PIN code…

Britain’s Got Talent After Dinner Magician

After Dinner Comedian Magician Showreel

The Next Great Magician – After Dinner Comedian Magician

Alan Hudson Fools Penn & Teller

If you’d like to have a chat with Alan about hiring an after dinner magician, why not do it on Zoom? Alan is an amazing virtual online magician, so he can even show you some magic over the internet. Madness!

How much does an after dinner magician cost?

The price will depend on the length of performance, location, date, time. There are too many variables to give a fee list online. Contact Alan with a few details and he’ll get back to you with a few options and cost.

Is it better to have a show for everyone or to have you approach individual tables?

Close up magic became popular in the 1980’s and is a nice add on for a few minutes at the table at an event before the entertainment begins. The after dinner show IS the entertainment. With a show for everyone, you are creating a shared experience and one that people will remember.

Where do you perform?

Alan mainly performs his magic as an after dinner magician stage at corporate events and comedy clubs. However, he also occasionally performs at private engagements if it’s all set up correctly.

Does an after dinner magician have to be on after dinner?

Not at all. A great time for the show is actually before the starters. Get everyone sat down and have some entertainment before people eat. This is a guaranteed way to get everyone clapping and laughing and will kick start the conversation in to the evening.

How much is an after dinner comedian?

The cost of an after dinner comedian or magician will depend on lots of factors. Number of guests, location, date, length of show etc.