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Alan Hudson: Your Incredible Party Magician

One of UK’s leading party magicians

Private Party Magician

Party magician Alan Hudson. With over 20 years of professional experience Alan will make your party magical! As seen on Britain’s Got Talent, Penn & Teller: Fool Us and ITV’s The Next Great Magician. He’s also a gold star member of The Inner Magic Circle.

Usually when you think ‘party magician’, you think of getting a magician to perform close up tricks, mixing with the guests, interrupting conversations etc. This isn’t usually the best way of doing things. Have a look at these excellent options to make your party the best and most magical it can be….

Party Magician – The Parlour Show

Private Party Magician – The Secret Room

Party Magician

Alan devised a new and unique way of making your party different, fun and exciting – a real talking point for months to come. All you need is to set one room aside that isn’t been used for the party (the smaller, the better). 6-12 people are invited in at a time by their host.

As host, you tell a bunch of your friends you have a special treat for them and lead them in to The Secret Room.

Alan performs his incredible sleight of hand show for them with amazing magic. This usually lasts around 10/15 mins. This magic is much better than the usual mix and mingle style because there are more possibilities of performing better, more powerful magical effects with less of the natural problems a magician has to contend with (such as all magic coming from their pockets, guests joining in half way through a trick, waiters bringing food, people holding drinks etc).

The whole experience of having guests walking in to another room to watch a show is so much more exciting. Imagine the difference of going on a fantastic night out to watch a concert…. or having someone walk up to you playing a guitar when you were mid conversation with a friend.

After the performance he then asks them to re-join the party AND HERE COMES THE BEST PART… he’ll ask them NOT to tell anyone else what happens in the room so as not to spoil the surprise for the other guests. This creates a real buzz at the party with people wanting to know what’s going on in The Secret Room!

Here are just some of the benefits and advantages of having the magic in The Secret Room

1) Everyone gets a unique experience and no-one misses out on the action (as can happen with a walk around party magician). Also, everyone gets the best seat in the house.

2) The magic performed is much stronger than the type of tricks people usually see as it’s not restricted to being in the magician’s pockets.

3) No interruptions at the wrong part so everyone gets to experience the magical moments at their very best.

4) It’s completely different and so much more exciting to the usual walk around option. The fact that people are going to see a show is a lot more exciting than than a guy just walking up to them.

Party Magician for hire

Here’s what people are saying about Alan Hudson, The Party Magician…

“Everyone is still talking about the amazing things you did in The Secret Room. The fact you were hidden away in another room, added to the excitement. A queue outside the door in anticipation was hilarious! I believe the teens tried to enter your show more than once – teenagers are a hard act to please, so the fact they wanted more was a real credit to you! Everyone loved the close up feel to the show too. So much better than a magician mingling through the crowd. We can really recommend this. Thanks so much for making our party memorable for years to come.” Penny Wilkinson, London

“Thank you for entertaining all my guests at my 40th birthday party. You were really brilliant and the only party magician to do The Secret Room that I’ve come across. Really unique and a huge success. Many of our guests didn’t even realise you were there until they were directed into our dining room. Others were wondering why a few people were coming out of out dining when the door was closed. This really added to the mystery and intrigue of the evening. As for the magic, it was amazing! So many of our friends are still talking about it, and wondering “just how you did it”! Even the sceptics couldn’t figure it out. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a first class magician.” Ishanthi Bratby, Oxford

“Thank you for your absolutely mesmerising performances at Jenny’s party last night. Our guests were absolutely amazed and thrilled by your magic and wit. The Secret Room worked particularly well! It contributed to a very memorable evening for us. Thanks again and really look forward to seeing you again sometime. Best wishes” John Rayner, Bradford

“Alan, just a short note to say what a fab performance you put in at High Leases Farm on Sunday. Our Sitting Room was indeed The Secret Room for the afternoon and for all of our 100+ guests and friends! The reaction after each of your sessions was electric, for youths and oldies like me alike…..damned funny too! The party was going well anyway…BUT you just added that extra special ingredient of surprise, entertainment and bewilderment! We all loved it. Thank you for making the journey to deepest Swaledale and making our Summer Party such a great HIT! BRAVO!” Michael Hold, Sales Director, Airstream Europe Ltd

“Just to say a big, big thank you for entertaining us all on Saturday night – you were brilliant! Everyone had a fantastic time and your contribution made it even more memorable. The Secret Room is a great idea as being so up close you even managed to win over the one or two sceptics at the party! Once again, many thanks. PS – can I have my real diamond ring back please!!” Sandra and Gavin