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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions that people ask when thinking about hiring a magician – if you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch here.

The first bunch of questions are for my virtual magic shows.

For FAQ’s for ‘real life’ performances, scroll down.

How many people can we have on a virtual show?

The show works well for all numbers. It’s been performed for groups of 10 and also groups of 10000! The show is interactive and live. Anyone could get chosen to help at any point. It’s like been on the front row of a magic show in real life – only better!

How much do you charge for a virtual show?

Fees are different for private events and corporate events. It depends on the number of guests, date and time, private or corporate, how much extra rehearsal is involved, special bespoke tricks etc. Get in touch for availability

Do we have to use your link or can you join our call?

Either is great. I’m more than happy to create the link so you can share it with guests. I often perform my show as part of a larger team meeting. Just send me the link and I’ll jump on a few mins before the start time.

I’ll also give you a Virtual Press Pack which includes a suggested introduction and a template you can use for your invites.

Which is the best platform for a virtual show?

The show can be on any platform, but Zoom is the best. It’s the most user friendly for everyone and has a few extra features for the best experience. It means I can use the virtual camera with picture in picture, music etc.

However, the show can also be done on Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Webex, StarLeaf, Blue Jeans, GoToMeeting, Hopin etc

Who is the virtual show suitable for?

The show is smart and funny, but it’s not just for adults. Many people are working from home, so the show has been designed to be 100% family friendly so if you have any younger ones around they will enjoy the show too.

We’re in the USA, do you perform in the evenings?

Absolutely! Half of my performances are for audiences and companies in the US. I regularly perform for a whole host of companies from West Coast to East Coast at all times of the day.

Virtual Magician FAQ


Q – “Do you have any reviews I can read?”

A – It’s another way of saying…. are you any good? I have a couple of decades of experience, I’m a member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star (so The Magic Circle seem to think so) and an amazing CV. All magicians can do tricks. Read my reviews to see what people who have booked me think. They are all verified reviews from people who have booked me or been at a show. Also watch my videos.

Q – “When is the best time to add a touch of magic to our wedding?”

A – The best time is usually during the photo period although it’s different for everyone. Magic and entertainment early on is perfect to set the mood that it’s a going to be a fun day and instantly gives guests the opportunity to mix and give them something novel to talk about. The Wedding Breakfast is also a great time. If you are concerned about your evening guests, as they are arriving works well too. Please see Wedding Magician page for a full run down.

Q – Should I have a table/close up magician or a cabaret act?

A – The answer depends on the type of event. Weddings are usually best having mix and mingle or table magic. Small private parties are often best having a show for everyone, walk around magic or a Secret Room performance (depends on the number of guests). Corporate events, dinners, golf and rotary clubs can really benefit from having an after dinner magician to entertain the whole audience after the meal with the stand up cabaret. Ask Alan for advice on what would work best for you.

Q – “How much does it cost to hire a magician?”

A – Price is based on lots of different factors (Date, Length of Performance, Location etc) and all magicians charge according to their desirability, experience, TV, skill level etc. Have a look for videos, photos, CV etc to see who you’d prefer at your special event.

Click here see a rough guide on how much magicians charge.

Q – “What if you are ill, or something happens and you can’t make it”?

A – This is an understandable worry for many people. I often get calls from people ringing at the last moment and saying “our magician has just let us down…” etc (usually the magician in question was very cheap). I’ve only ever not been able to attend a handful of bookings and it’s only in extreme circumstances. In the event of me not being able to make it, I will ensure that someone of an EQUAL STANDARD will stand in for me with all the same details, price, times etc.

Q – “Can you make my wife disappear?”

A – No, but I’ve heard about this bloke in Hull that will do it for £750. For £200 you can have her knee caps broken.


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