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The Close Up Magician Show

Corporate and Private Events

Wedding Close Up Magician for Hire UK

The Close Up Magician Show By Alan Hudson.

Alan Hudson is a master of entertaining and amazing people with magic, mind reading and comedy. The whole show has been designed to not only blow people away with incredible magic (such as pushing a bottle of wine through a table), but also to make sure everyone is thoroughly enjoying themselves and laughing, whilst been fooled.

For larger groups, Alan will mix and mingle with guests, walking from one group to the next. Engaging, entertaining and making sure people get the WOW factor. This is normally between 1 -3 hours, depending on the number of guests.

For smaller groups (less than 30), Alan can perform The Close Up Magician Show in one 30-40 minute set. It’s perfect before starters and is GUARANTEED to kickstart the meal and take create conversation in lots of different directions. It’s also great after mains or coffee if you need entertainment after the meal.

Who is Alan Hudson?

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Alan Hudson is a member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star (less than 250 worldwide). He’s been seen on Britain’s Got Talent and other TV shows including ITV’s The Next Great Magician, Penn & Teller: Fool Us and Tu Si Que Vales (one of the top TV shows in Italy!).

As a close up magician, Alan performs his show in lots of situations but has found that everyone enjoys the magic so much more when it’s the main focus. In the past, close up magicians were booked to approach people at parties, interrupt conversations and and ask them if they wanted to see some magic.

The more formal The Close Up Magician Show that Alan performs takes magic to the next level. It’s not an addition, it’s the main event. It’s high class entertainment that brings everyone together, everyone will want to watch and be engaged with and create a shared experience.

Where can I hire a close up magician?

Alan Hudson’s The Close Up Magician Show is ideal for weddings, corporate events and house parties.

The best way to present a close up magician for larger groups to hire Alan to mix and mingle with guests. For smaller groups it’s best to have a set show around 1 table for 30-45 minutes and have a show that everyone can enjoy as a shared experience. Magic is universal. Perfect for international events. It appeals to a broad audience so ideal when you have a mix of people. Everyone loves a bit of magic when performed brilliantly by a professional.

What is in The Close Up Magician Show?

Usually, The Close Up Magician Show will tricks with small objects such as cards, rings, money, wallets, dice, coins, phones, wine bottles, plates, glasses, forks etc. Unlike a stage magician who will often have larger props, The Close Up Magician Show is for a smaller group of people with items that can easily fit in the pockets or be found on the dinner table.

The Close Up Magician Show… Online!

Close Up Magician on Zoom

You can also hire a Alan Hudson to perform as a close up magician online to present his virtual magic show. Since 2020, Zoom magic shows have exploded and Alan’s incredible online show has been booked by companies such as Netflix, Twitter, Meta and Google to entertain clients all around the world.

The Zoom magic show is an amazing way to connect your guests who might not be able to all make it to a venue at the same time. It’s now it made it possible for companies to have Christmas Parties with everyone invited.

Why book The Close Up Magician Show?

It solves a problem. If your problem is “I want my guests to be entertained and think my event was amazing and fun”, then having a brilliant The Close Up Magician Show could be the perfect answer for you.

Having amazing entertainment is one of the most important parts of any event. Obviously, the venue, food, drink are also important but after the day itself people will forget what they drank and ate, but they WILL remember the entertainment and seeing miracles. They WILL remember how the magic made them feel and stories of the time the magician read their mind will live on forever.

How do I book The Close Up Magician Show?

For free advice and to see how Alan can entertain your guests with top quality close up magic, got to the contact page and get in touch today.