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The Carlton Comedy Award – The Magic Circle

Award Winning Magician

The Carlton Comedy Award. Last night was the annual awards ceremony at The Magic Circle. I last performed there 3 years ago where I got Dynamo to help me on stage.

This year, I got asked again and got to say the words that a 15 year old me could only dream of “please welcome my assistant, the lovely Debbie McGee”. And she was. All went well and I had a great time.

After I’d performed, I took my seat at the back to watch people get their awards. It came to the Carlton Comedy Award for “outstanding contribution to comedy magic” and the president Scott Penrose announced “at this stage we normally have a video of the winner…. but tonight is a little different as you’ve already seen him perform…. the winner is Alan Hudson!”

Award winning magician! It’s official

Absolutely made up. When I started in magic and learnt about The Magic Circle, this is the award that I’d always look at. My heroes in magic as a child (Paul Daniels, Ali Bongo etc) all received this award and at that point I didn’t even dream I would ever get it.

I’m not sure I even deserve it, but as I’m unlikely to get any other awards in the near future, I’m definitely hanging on this one!