Exciting 2024 Virtual Zoom Magic Show – interactive magic and mind reading show online

Credentials and CV

★★★★★ ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent ★★★★★

★★★★★ ITV’s Penn & Teller: Fool Us with Jonathan Ross ★★★★★

★★★★★ From ITV’s The Next Great Magician with Stephen Mulhern ★★★★★

★★★★★ Carlton Comedy Award Winner 2019 for “outstanding comedy in magic” ★★★★★

★★★★★ The Magic Castle, Hollywood, California, USA ★★★★★

★★★★★ Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star (less than 250 members worldwide ★★★★★

Stand up comedian magician, Alan Hudson

Alan Hudson is one of the UK’s top professional magicians specialising in virtual magic shows online, close up magic and stand up comedy magic. Performing at corporate events, dinners and private engagements.

Virtual Magic Show

For virtual magic shows, the key is to interact with guests and keep people engaged. One of the best ways to do this is with mind reading magic. Someone can think of any word they like and Alan will read their minds. Over the internet! Or maybe they can draw any picture they like and Alan will try to recreate that picture even though they drew it below the webcam and their is no way he could have seen it. He’ll even reveal that he knew someone’s top secret PIN. Along with mind reading, there are close up card tricks (you’ve never been able to get so close to a card trick) and some other surprises.

Close Up Magic and Stage

For close up magic, just think of a card – he’ll tell you which one you’re thinking of. Making money appear out of thin air, cool card tricks and crafty mind reading to make your brain hurt. Lend him an object and it will take on a life of its own – either levitating or vanishing in the blink of an eye and appearing in all sorts of impossible places like in the back of mobile phones, wallets or even in a shoe.

As well as the amazing The Close Up Magic Show, you can also hire him as a stand up magician/comedian. His stand up cabaret act (which can last anywhere between 10 – 40 minutes) is a cheeky mix of comedy, magic and mind reading. Again, using members of your audience means every show is unique. This is perfect when you want everyone to have a shared experience they can chat about afterwards.

This can be the main entertainment for the evening on it’s own or after Alan has been wowing with his close up magic through the meal (table to table).

This is the act that has taken him all over the world. You can hire him here.