Exciting 2024 Virtual Zoom Magic Show – interactive magic and mind reading show online

Table Magician

Table Magician for hire: Alan Hudson

Table Magician, Alan Hudson. The illusions performed are visual, interactive, funny and stunning to watch. Modern table conjuring with volunteers possessions such as making their rings disappear and re-appear in a key case. Making £20 notes visually appear from nowhere. Asking guests to sign a playing card and, in the blink of an eye, producing it in a sealed envelope (in a zipped up wallet!) or a mobile phone. How about a top table magician taking a wine or beer bottle and pushing it through a table? Or making a full deck of cards turn to glass in someones hands and much, much more.

table magician

Also performed are a couple of impressive mind reading feats like guessing words, colours or even PIN numbers to really mess with their brains! Personal objects take on a life of their own, they vanish and appear in all sorts of impossible places. Making cutlery melt like butter (Uri Gellar style). Cool card tricks and crafty mind reading. And unlike many table magicians, he is entertaining and engaging.

*Over 21 years of experience

*Member of The Inner Magic Circle, London

*ITV’s hit primetime show The Next Great Magician

*Performer at The Magic Castle, Hollywood

*Appeared on ITV’s hit Saturday night show Penn & Teller: Fool Us with Jonathan Ross

If you are also thinking about having an after dinner cabaret, then hire Alan as a comedy magician to involve the whole audience and entertain with stand up comedy, magic and mind reading.

Client Parties

Finding great entertainment for your client party can be tricky. Magician London, Alan Hudson has been wowing client parties for over 20 years. Often the typical customer has been to many other client parties so you need to entertain them with something fun and different. A table magician is ideal to walk amongst the groups (a table magician is just another word for a street magician or close up magician – he doesn’t actually need a table!), politely start talking to them, perform a few miracles and leave them to schmooze. Alan has years of experience in making sure his magic is up to date, never cheesy and unique.

table magician

Rebecca and I have just returned from our honeymoon and we wanted to drop you a note about how happy we are that you were able to perform at our wedding. You really added to our day. We have received numerous comments from our guests about how good you were and, as the hosts, we really appreciated how great you were at getting round the guests in such a professional manner – particularly in such heat!! The heat on the day put a little pressure on our photo shoot but Rebecca and I really appreciate your effort to make sure that we had a minute with you before we went in for the breakfast. In the rush we didn’t get a chance to say goodbye or thank you or even comment on how good you were – we loved the trick with the pack of cards disappearing in my hands!!! (Which I know impressed many of the guests!). We had an incredible day and you were certainly part of the success of that. I only hope that you are at a future event some time when we are playing less of a leading role so we can see more of your skills! Many thanks again, David and Rebecca, London