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Alan Hudson – Professional Magic Circle Magician

Close up magician BuckinghamshireMagician Buckinghamshire. Alan is a full time professional close up magician for hire in Aylesbury, Newport, Ashendon, Buckingham and the whole of Buckinghamshire (and the rest of the UK). If you are looking to give your guests a fantastic experience with a table magician and make your wedding or party a huge success, read on…

Table magicians can really make the difference to any event – creating a unique talking point, breaking the ice and making sure your party is remembered for weeks and months to come. But he doesn’t just do tricks – he makes sure the sleight of hand magic is very entertaining (never tacky!) so just as the audience laugh and relax, Boom! – he hits them with the wow factor.

Wedding Magician for Buckinghamshire

Alan performs regularly for weddings in Aylesbury and Buckinghamshire. Have a look at the wedding page for the best way in which he can entertain your guests. Wedding magicians are very popular these days and rightly so. They are a brilliant form of entertainment for a wide age group. Make sure you hire a wedding professional who has done it hundreds of times before. Your wedding shouldn’t be the time for him to learn!

A top wedding professional can advise you on the best time for having magic. Contact Alan today to find out how he can make your special event extra, extra special.

Close up magician Buckinghamshire

Tricks and illusions involving playing cards, forks, mobile phones and other small objects. Objects can be borrowed from members of the wedding or party to make the illusion even more impossible. Imagine handing over your ring, the one your Grandmother gave you and in an otherwise empty hand it disappears right in front of your eyes… only for it to reappear in a little wallet you’ve been holding the whole time. Not only that, but inside that wallet is another smaller wallet, inside that a smaller wallet and inside that a presentation cloth folded up – the ring been safe in the middle. Magic? Must be!

Or how about this… you are handed a mobile phone and asked to sign any playing card you like. You place the card back in to the deck and shuffle the cards. Alan then asks you to look through the deck – your card has gone. You open up the back of the mobile phone only to discover your signed card (which you can of course keep as a little keepsake of the moment).

It’s magic like this that has kept Alan as the top of his game and one of the UK’s most successful table magicians currently working today.

Magicians come in all different shapes and sizes (and prices!) If you are looking at a few different magicians and getting prices, then check out their promo videos first to see if they are suitable for your event. These videos should give you a good idea if you want Alan at your party.