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Chop Glass – Amazing Magic Trick For Professional Magicians


Chop Glass is £40 with FREE shipping anywhere in the world!

Chop Glass

What is the Chop Glass? The Chop Cup (the single cup version of the cups and balls) has become a classic of magic for stage and close up magicians. Paul Daniels became famous for pretty much performing this one effect.

You can now perform this amazing effect with a borrowed wine glass! Even though everything can be examined, the cloak fits snugly around the glass instantly gimmicking it for your routine.

Many magicians around the world love the Chop Cup, but it does have one problem. You have to carry a cup around with you. When you are performing from table to table, pocket space is at a premium. Many magicians like to approach a table without any magic looking props in their hands.

Why a Chop Glass instead of a Chop Cup?

The Chop Glass by comedy magician Alan Hudson is sophisticated and elegant. It provides you with new visual ways to produce ‘loads’. With the cup, all the final loads (which, let’s be honest, is by far the best bit) are all down on the table.

With the glass, the final loads can be performed up in the air, so the whole table can see easily as you can hold  the wine glass as you do the reveal. You hold the glass out in front of you and then pull down the sleeve to show the appearance of the lemon.

These are all fully explained by the excellent Tom Wright as well as his brilliant, professional audience tested routine.

The package comes with your individually hand made cloak and two traditional practise balls.

Many top magicians from around the world now perform the Chop Glass in their working repertoire at corporate events, weddings and parties. Also great for virtual magic shows.

Chop Glass Review

“I have always loved the appeal of the effect the chop cup gives an audience…but I HATE the cup itself. Who pulls out a metal cup? With Chop Glass you get class and mystery all wrapped into one single BRILLIANT gimmick. THIS is a WORKER of the highest order!” Justin Miller

Extra Ideas?

Along with the standard routine that is taught, there are some extra ideas for routines and finishes included. I’ve always thought that making wine appear at the end would make for a fantastic finish.

Also, there’s no reason you couldn’t do a cups and balls version with 3 of them. I haven’t seen anyone do this yet but could be really interesting. Or, maybe the CG sleeve will go on to other objects that I haven’t even considered?

If you have any extra routines or bits that you’ve discovered whilst performing it at various events over the years, please get in touch. I’d love to hear them.

Chop Glass is £40 with FREE shipping anywhere in the world!

Is the Chop Glass better than the Chop Cup?

It’s different. It’s all down to personal choice. Some people prefer to perform with a shiny cup, others have found that the Chop Glass seems more organic. Especially at a corporate event where there are usually lots of spare wine glasses on the tables. Any wine glass from the table can be used so it makes the trick even more amazing.

How much is the Chop Glass?

The Chop Glass is £40 including worldwide shipping.

How quickly will I get it?

All orders are sent the same day (or next day if ordered after 4pm). If you are in the UK it will probably arrive the next day. Anywhere else in the world is sent by airmail so usually pretty fast.

The late Scott Alexander came up with a great finish to Chop Glass – have a look here…