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Edinburgh Magic Show – Trick Teaser

In August I will once again be taking my new magic show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014. This year I’m performing at the Gilded Balloon, everyday between 30th July and 25th August (except 13th) at 7.45pm with my new show, Trick Teaser. In the past, my magic shows have had themes and were quite experimental (one year was a life story show and last year I was pretending to be a superhero). This year I’ve decided to do an out and out magic show. I’ll be doing a lot of the tricks and material I’ve been performing at corporate events, comedy clubs and cabaret evenings for years, with a whole bunch of brand new tricks too. It’s a good mix of tried and tested and fresher stuff. I think will be my best show yet. There aren’t many magicians who perform at the festival. I think perhaps this is for a few reasons… 1) It’s very expensive to take a show to the Fringe. Most performers lose money 2) Not many magicians have 1 hour of good material for a modern audience who can choose other shows to see Probably lots of other reasons too, but I’m pleased. With over 2500 shows on and a large percent of them are male comedians in their 20s and 30s, it’s nice to offer something a little bit different. As a magician, I get to do the funnies but also get to amaze and offer the hardened Edinburgh audience something a little bit different. If you are going to the Edinburgh Festival this year, come along. Tickets are here – and send me tweet to let me know you’re in. If you prefer to see shows in London, and on 9th July, I’m performing in the west end at Leicester Square Theatre. Book tickets here Here’s the blurb from the back of the flyer… “Certainly had us bamboozled with his sleight of hand and powers of suggestion” Metro ****

Oh my god! How did you do that. I just don’t understand…. You are a bit too good!” Catherine Tate

“we loved your act!” Penn & Teller

“the thimble-fingered finale is a joy to behold” The List

Magic, funnies and audience participation from one of UK’s brightest comedy conjurers. A collection of his bestest sleight of hand tricks and some new ones.

Alan Hudson is bringing his unique, original feel good magic show to the Edinburgh Festival for a 4th time. It’s an unashamed out-and-out magic show for the masses. PIN numbers will be predicted, volunteer’s personal objects will get the magic treatment and the skills that pay the bills will be on display (for instance, a manipulating thimbles routine to Boom Shake the Room).

Associate of The Inner Magic Circle (so expect near miracles). From ITV’s Penn & Teller Fool Us, BBC2 Culture Show and ITV The Sooty Show, performer at The Magic Castle in Hollywood.Trick Teaser - Alan Hudson