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Magician Gloucester for hire

Magician Gloucester. Alan Hudson is one of the UK’s top magicians performing close up magic, stage magic and everywhere in between magic, all over Gloucester.

Seen on Britain’s Got Talent, The Next Great Magician, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, Alan isn’t just your local jobbing magician that crops up at every party. He’s a member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star (less than 250 magicians in the entire world hold this position).

Alan performs different shows for different audiences and situations. For instance, for a small group you might prefer to have him perform a show for everyone at the same time. A 40 minute performance with magic, mind reading and comedy. Perfect in a private dining room or at home. You can also ask Alan if he could perform close up magic to small groups at a time (especially good if you have other entertainment going on at the same time to entertain the other guests).

Wedding Magician Gloucester

Table Wedding Magician Gloucester

A wedding is a magical day already, but guests do need entertaining. Alan has performed at hundreds of weddings all over the UK and knows how to fit in perfectly.

There are a few times for having close up magic during your wedding day. The 3 best periods are straight after the ceremony and before you go in for the meal, the wedding breakfast itself or during the first part of the evening to help welcome your evening guests.

Alan performs at dozens of weddings each year in Gloucester. Have a look at the wedding magician page for a quick rundown on the usual times, periods etc.

Corporate Stage Magician Gloucester

Stage Magician Gloucester

Alan Hudson is one of UK’s top funny stage magicians. Often when people think of ‘comedy magic’ they assume the magic isn’t going to be that amazing. Alan manages to combine amazing magic and comedy.

Perfect for after dinner performances, the show can last for up to 40 minutes and is great when you want your whole audience to be brought together. Audience members are brought on stage and get their mind read or to be involved in some incredible magic piece.

Close up magic can be performed during the reception drinks or between courses at the tables. This is great for small groups at a time but obviously doesn’t entertain everyone at the same time. To make a real feature, you want someone who can wow the entire crowd.

Have a look at Alan performing on BGT with Amanda Holden to see the type of performance he does for large crowds.

Close Up Magician Gloucester

Corporate Close Up Magician Gloucester

Close up magic has been around for a while now so most people have seen a close up magician at some point. Alan Hudson is one of the top magicians in the UK and performs at corporate events, private parties and weddings.

For corporate events, Alan can perform walk around style magic during the drinks reception or between courses of the meal. Everything is from the pockets, so it’s generally small magic with cards, mobile phones etc.

Most people tend to think that close up magic has to be in a mix and mingle style. Whilst this is sometimes the best way, it’s not always the best way to view magic. Alan has some fantastic formats to present magic. For instance, you could have magic at a reception with a table set up that people can gather round and watch some incredible close up magic. Or you could have a party with Alan in a Secret Room – you ask your guests to enter the room. On entry they witness some incredible magic and mind reading before they go back to the party. Have a look at the private party page for details.

How much is a Gloucester magician?

The price can vary depending on the length of show required, date etc. Get in touch for some entertainment ideas, cost etc

Do you perform at weddings in Gloucester?

Alan performs at dozens of weddings every year and has the perfect magic for the occasion. Loved by friends, family, kids and grandparents – his style is suitable for a wide audience of ages.

Can you perform a stage show?

Alan Hudson is one of the UK’s top stage performers. Seen on BGT, The Next Great Magician, Penn & Teller: Fool Us – he’s perfect for after dinner entertainment for huge audiences.

Stage Magician Gloucester