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Alan Hudson – Professional Magician in Luton

Private Party Magician Luton

Magician Luton. Having a wedding or hosting a corporate event in Luton and thinking of having a table magician?

Fantastic idea! Alan Hudson has been performing his incredible magic for weddings, private parties, client events and tons of other events for over 20 years. As a close up magician, Alan’s job is to amaze and engage your guests and make them feel special. A lot of magicians can do tricks, but a really great one will connect with your friends and family and make them feel like they are the most important person at the party.

All the magic is sleight of hand, close up magic. So, usually the objects are anything that will fit inside a pocket – mobile phones, cards, forks – anything and everything that will blow your guests away with strong magic.

Magician Luton Review

Magician Luton

“A very talented, friendly chap with a great sense of humour joined me and my family for a BBQ on Sunday. We were entertained, surprised, delighted, bemused and stunned by tricks performed with style and subtlety. The guests at the party all had their own theories about how the tricks were done and the show led to many a diverse comment until the early hours as people again returned to talk about what they had seen or what they thought they had seen! It made a lovely gathering very special, Thank you.” Maggie Wareham, Luton

Wedding Magician Luton

Wedding magician Luton

There are 3 main times when you can hire a close up magician to entertain your guests. During the Wedding Breakfast (as a table magician) or the photo period (straight after the ceremony) are the 2 most popular times. If you wanted to have the evening guests feel included, having Alan perform for the first couple of hours of the evening reception is a brilliant idea too. Click here for more details on wedding magic.

If you haven’t found your venue yet, have a look at the Luton Hoo – it’s one of my favourites.

Stage Magician Luton

Stage Magician Luton

Alan Hudson is one of the top comedy magicians in the UK. Performing his stage show, Alan will involve your guests in the act. The show contains comedy magic and mind reading.

It’s perfect for after dinner entertainment for corporate events, balls and dinners. Alan has appeared on TV shows such as ITV’s Penn & Teller: Fool Us and The Next Great Magician. He’s also a member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star.

How much is a magician in Luton?

The price will depend on the type of performance required, the length and the date. Contact Alan today for availability and cost

Do you perform at weddings?

Yes. Alan Hudson is one of the top wedding magicians in the UK. He regularly performs at all the top venues in and around Luton