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After Dinner Showreel

Comedy Stage Magician

This year I got someone to come and film one of my corporate after dinner shows and edit it together. Then, mixed it in with a few of the television appearances I’ve done. And voila – my 2019 Showreel.

Showreels are tricky. As a performer you want to put more in. But I realise people just want a flavour and don’t necessarily want to watch the entire 45 minute show on their phone.

Also, you want to include some actual bits from the show (rather than reactions from the audience) without giving it all away. Hopefully, the video below has fulfilled the brief – give a taster and a good idea of what to expect without too many spoilers.

If you’re booking an event and looking for a top class, comedy magician to entertain everyone…. please watch this after dinner showreel. I’ve managed to get it down to less than 3 minutes…