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Magic Castle, Hollywood

I’ve just returned from my third appearance at The Magic Castle, Hollywood. The Castle (as it’s known) is an exclusive club in the heart of Hollywood on Franklin Avenue (close to the stars on the pavements and just behind the Chinese Theatre).

Very few Brits ever get to perform there once, so it feels like an incredible honour to be asked back for a third time. It’s full of the LA elite and celebrities (Carey Mulligan and Neil Patrick Harris were in last week) and they keep a dress code which is quite unusual for the often laid back California. It means it feels like a very special evening and you either have to be a member or get an invite to get in. Once you do, you are treated to an amazing meal, an awe inspiring venue and some of the worlds best magicians (and me).

If you are ever in LA here is a little tip to get in. Go to the Magic Castle website and email the performers. They have guest passes that they are allowed to give out. Often, they are flown in from all over the world so don’t use them up. It’s the best way to enter one of the most fun evenings you can have in La La Land.

For more about The Magic Castle, have a look at Magician Los Angeles.