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7 Easy Magic Tricks For Sale Online | Adults | Kids

Alan Hudson recommending magic tricks for sale

Looking for easy magic tricks? Here are some magic tricks for sale online so you can be amazing too!

As a professional magician performing at live events for over 30 years (and more recently as a virtual magician online), I always get emails asking if I can recommend some magic tricks for complete beginners. People often wonder what might be a good way of learning card tricks without any prior knowledge or spending hundreds of hours learning sleight of hand.

I’ve included a mix of easy magic tricks you can buy depending on what you would like to do and what stage you are at. I’ve also put these under different sections ie Magic tricks for kids, magic tricks for adults etc. Also, some more generic things like card tricks, coin tricks, magic sets etc – perfect for beginners, adults and kids.

Chop Glass

Amazing Magic Tricks For Sale

The Chop Glass is my version of the classic Chop Chop routine (made famous in the UK by one of the most famous magicians, Paul Daniels). In my version, you don’t need to carry a metal cup around with you, you can use a wine glass off the table. The magic trick comes with a stretchy sleeve that fits over most regular wine glasses and is specially gimmicked to allow you to perform the Chop Cup routine.

This is a professional magic trick. It’s not overly difficult and you do get all the instructions with it, but you will need to perform some easy sleight of hand to make it work. I would say this one is best for adults.

With the Chop Glass, you get a few extra features that you can’t do with the existing Chop Cup trick. Also the final reveal of the appearing Lemon at the end can be held up in the glass so more visible to an entire table. Click Chop Glass for more details and to buy.

Card Magic Tricks For Sale

Magic Tricks For Sale

If you’re looking for easy magic tricks, card tricks can be a great place to start so you can understand how magic works.

Some are easier than others. Some you can make work almost instantly so it will give you a good dopamine hit and encourage you to learn more. Others require hundreds of hours of practise. I think this download is great. You get to learn some really brilliant magic tricks and also the basics.

It’s called Born To Perform and once you buy it, you get it instantly.

Bicycle Cards for Magicians

You’ll also need a good deck of playing cards. The brand that most magicians use are Bicycle cards.

I’d highly recommend getting a deck of these as using a good deck can make all the difference. Many people try to practise magic tricks with an old deck of cards that are impossible to spread and have been used to play card games in the house for the past 20 years. Even top magicians struggle to perform easy magic tricks with a bad deck. A new deck of card is often less than a fiver so it’s well worth the tiny investment you really want to learn magic.

More Easy Card Magic Tricks For Sale

Card Magic Tricks For Sale

For an instant hit, you could buy a trick pack of cards. As a hobby, magic is best when you achieve a level of satisfaction after you’ve practised a trick or move and then perform the trick. Knowing that you spent a bit of time learning the trick makes it more rewarding. However, sometimes you want a piece of magic that is easy to learn, but looks like you are a master of sleight of hand.

The Svengali Deck will make you look like you have spent hours honing your craft. It’s one of the best magic tricks for sale online with a gimmicked deck. The Svengali Deck is special deck of cards that can do so many tricks. You can make a chosen card jump from the middle of the deck. You can tell someone what their card is without seeing it. You can even turn all of the cards that were shown different in to the same card. And it’s all pretty easy.

To buy the Svengali Deck, have a look on Amazon. Here’s one I found today. You can buy slightly cheaper versions, but I would definitely say it’s worth buying one with the Bicycle design. They will be easier to use and last you longer.

Easy Magic Tricks for Adults

Magic Tricks For Adults

The Super Mental Die is a fantastic magic trick for adults for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s made in brass so looks pretty cool and unusual. It’s doesn’t look like a kids trick from a cheap magic set. Also, it’s more mind reading than magic so is a bit different to the trick that often beginners tend to do. And, it can be repeated for the same audience. The other thing I like is that it will last a lifetime and is easy to carry with you to a bar, work etc.

The trick itself is a mind reading effect where someone puts a dice (or die, singular) in the tube and you can read their mind and tell them what number is on top. It’s super easy to do and very fooling. To buy the trick and watch a video, click here.

Easy Magic Tricks For Kids

Magic trick sets for sale

Often I get asked what would make a good magic present for kids. Depending on the age, I think a magic set is usually the right answer. A really good way to learn magic is to buy a magic set. Most professional magicians today will say it all started for them when they got given a magic set as a present. Magic sets are a great gift and can often really kickstart even a passing interest in magic.

I think this one from Marvin’s Magic is particularly good. All the tricks are made from wood (usually, magic sets are pretty cheap and have lots of plastic). The tricks are really good, easy to do and not that expensive considering what you get.

It’s suitable for kids (6+), but I also think it’s suitable for adults too. Fantastic magic tricks for kids and adults, for the complete beginner or if you’ve already started to dabble and know a few tricks already. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Magic Tricks For Sale – Best Coin Trick

To buy, go to Marvin’s Magic (who also have a few other nice tricks you can take a look at whilst you’re there).

Coin magic tricks for sale

Everyone loves tricks with money. Performing magic with cash is always going to go well. If you were a real magician, you’d be able to just make money appear right? Here’s a brilliant magic trick called Dynamic Coins for sale so you can work wonders.

It’s actually one of the first magic tricks I ever bought and is one of the first ones I recommend to a beginner in magic. It’s really nicely made in brass (many magic tricks are made of plastic these days so this one feels a bit special and is really nice to use).

In this trick, you show 2 empty brass caps and a ring. You place the ring on one of the caps and a small pile of coins appear. You then cover them over and they disappear. The coin end up appearing and disappearing from one cap to the other and culminating in all the coins disappearing at the end. Your audience can even look at the caps at the end and won’t find anything. It’s easy to do, relatively cheap and amazing. In my opinion, this is one of the best magic tricks for sale online for adults or kids over the age of 14 years (although I think I was actually around 10 when I got this).

Tenyo Magic Tricks For Sale

Tenyo are a brilliant producer of magic. When I started out performing magic as an amateur (before it became my job), I would often buy lots of Tenyo magic tricks. The great thing about most of them is they are usually very simple to perform, very baffling (even to fellow magicians) and not too expensive.

One of my favourites is called Crystal Cleaver – it’s for sale here.

Tenyo Magic Tricks For Sale

Here’s the official link, but look on Amazon or Google for the name of the trick if you wish to buy one from your own country.

One of my first magic tricks was called Squeeze Play. It’s very simple and I always used to enjoy performing it. Here is a the trick (it’s not me in the video) so you can see what it looks like.

Where can I find easy magic tricks for sale?

Here I have tried to list a good number of easy magic tricks for the absolute beginner or amateur magician. I always think card tricks are a great place to start as you learn lots of transferable skills.

How much are magic tricks to buy online?

Magic can be incredibly expensive when you buy professional props. However, for the beginner, they can be relatively cheap as most magicians start off with smaller and simple tricks. For instance, you can buy a special pack of cards that you can do a great trick with for less than £10.

How easy is it to learn magic?

It all depends on the trick. Some take hundreds and thousands of hours to master and some can be learnt in minutes. There are many magic tricks for sale that you can learn in just a few minutes. The real skill is to try and make that trick entertaining for your audience.

What is the best magic trick to buy?

For the absolute beginner, I think that Dynamic Coins is the best magic trick you can buy. It’s not too expensive, it’s very well made from brass so will last a long time, easy to do and is very baffling. I think for someone starting out this is by far the best trick magic for sale in the world.

What is the cheapest magic trick you can buy?

The cheapest way to do magic is to learn sleight of hand. This is free. One way is to learn sleight of hand for nothing is to search on YouTube for some simple magic tutorials. However, it all depends what you want to achieve. YouTube doesn’t necessarily throw up professionals. They often recommend videos from people who don’t teach the moves correctly so it can be the blind leading the blind a little bit.

Steve Faulkner has an excellent Card Magic Course that is fairly cheap, brilliantly done and will save you a lot of time by learning the moves correctly in the first place.