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Wedding Magician Cost – How much do brilliant magicians charge?

Wedding Magician Cost

Wedding Magician Cost. How much is a wedding magician? What is the cost of a magician for my wedding? What are the wedding magician prices? Obviously these are often the first questions people ask as magicians don’t tend to have prices on their websites.

Many people think magicians and suppliers put their prices up for weddings, but this is simply not true. If anything, they are cheaper than a corporate event. I thought I’d dispel a few of the myths and give you an idea of the type of cost you’d be look at for a wedding magician.

The reason magicians don’t put the prices on their websites is because there are too many variables in play. For instance, prices will be higher or lower depending on the date. A wedding magician cost would be cheaper on a Monday afternoon in January than a peak Saturday in August. December dates usually carry a premium as they are in high demand.

Location can also change the cost. All magicians tend to travel for their work and you don’t have to get someone local. Any magician who only performs 5 minutes from their house would not work much and is unlikely to be a professional. However, some venues are harder to get to than others so that can affect the cost slightly.

The idea that wedding suppliers put their prices up for a wedding is a myth. I’ve been a professional magician for over 30 years and as far as I can see, prices for any private event are cheaper than corporate events. I think some people think this because they’ve never had to hire the type of things you need for a wedding before (for most people it’s a one off). When the costs of different things start to add up – flowers, dress, venue, food, drink, entertainment etc I think people start to think they are being charged more than they should be. There’s no getting away from it, weddings do cost a lot of money.

Wedding magician cost. How much is a wedding magician?

So, how much does a wedding magician cost? All magicians charge different prices so there isn’t an actual, across the board, cost. However, here is a rough guide. Most wedding magicians in the UK tend to charge anything from £450 – £1000. I appreciate this sounds like quite a wide range. It depends on how who you’re booking and how long you’d like them. For instance, you can hire a wedding magician for your photo period, wedding breakfast, evening reception or a combination (one of my favourites is an hour of the photo period and then at the tables during the wedding breakfast).

Some magicians charge by the hour, but this is usually a mistake. Things happen. For instance, you might have booked a magician for an hour from 2pm – 3pm but you are late getting back from the church. Better to book someone for a full period rather than an hour. Also, when you have 100 guests, an hour probably wouldn’t be long enough. Most wedding professionals will get guide you on the best time to hire them.

How much does a wedding magician charge?

Why do some wedding magicians charge more than others?

You’d think there would be some sort of industry rate across the board. There isn’t. This is down to the fact that you don’t need any qualifications to be a wedding magician. It comes down to the fact that some are simply better than others and offer a lot more value. Obviously things like experiences, tv appearances, The Magic Circle membership etc all play a part in how much someone might charge. A more experienced magician will tend to do more amazing tricks, have more confidence in entertaining your guests and bringing groups together to make your day go the way you want it to.

To find out how much Alan Hudson will cost to perform for your wedding, get in contact today with your date, location etc and he’ll get back to you with some ideas (and of course, the cost!).