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10 ways booking a magician can make sure your party is a huge success

Booking a magician is a fantastic a idea. And usually it’s a huge success. However, there are some things that can stop it from being the best it can be. Here I’ve listed 10 ways in which you can make sure you and your guests get the maximum enjoyment if you’re booking a magician. Obviously some of these won’t apply to your event, but some will.

Your Guide to Booking a Magician

Booking a magician

1) Magicians need to be SEEN and HEARD. It’s impossible to perform good magic during a loud disco or whilst a band is on. When booking a magician make sure it’s during a drinks reception, between courses, during a client party etc. Please let your magician know if you plan on having them during music.

2) During the drinks reception, waiters often circulate the room the same time as the magician and approach groups with food and drinks. This can ruin the magic if timed badly. Please ask the head waiter/maitre’d to tell staff to avoid the groups ‘the magician’ is performing at. Equally, obviously the magician doesn’t perform whilst people are actually eating during a meal or get in the way of waiters trying to serve food during a sit down meal.

3) Bigger isn’t always better. Table decorations look fancy but they get in the way if you are having table magic (guests like to see and talk to each other at the other end of the table).

4) When booking a magician you’d expect them to use sleight of hand that has taken years to perfect. Outside is lovely in the summer but unfortunately not in the colder months. It’s impossible to perform high quality magic in the cold.

5) Charity events – if you have anyone collecting money for quiz sheets/people selling raffle tickets etc please ask them to avoid the table that the magician is performing at.

6) Ask the toastmaster to give the magician a heads up before he bangs the gavel. At least then he can bring everything to a swift conclusion and doesn’t leave your guests hanging! There’s nothing worse then doing the build up to trick only for your magician to be interrupted before the big finish.

7) The worst 3 words a magician can hear is “Everyone swap seats!”. People changing seats mid way through the meal is a disaster for the magician that is trying to get around everyone. Often the magician will have mentally worked out how long he can spend on each table and which set of tricks will work. If people swap seats it means half the people will see him twice and half will probably see nothing. A magical disaster!

8) Christmas parties are one of the busiest for all entertainers. Booking a magician at Xmas is a brilliant way to make sure your party goes with a swing. However, rocket balloons, squeakers and other objects make it almost impossible for a magician to get peoples attention. They are best avoided to make sure everyone enjoys the magic.

9) Advice on timings. If meal is due to start at 8pm, invite people for ‘7pm for 7.30pm’ then ask them to sit down at 7.45pm. This will make sure things run on time. If possible, a toastmaster will be good at asking people to take their seats. If not, make sure you have designated someone with authority to keep things flowing.

Stage layout when booking a magician

10) If booking a magician to perform an after dinner cabaret, please have the audience in front, not at the sides. Unlike a singer or comedian, a magician is visual artist so everyone needs to be able to see to enjoy the show. Below is a good example. Notice the stage (or performance area at the top of the image. The audience are then in front with no dance floor to get in the way. This is the ideal set up to make sure everyone gets a great view.

If you have haven’t booked your magician yet, contact Alan Hudson today for availability, entertainment ideas and cost.