Incredible Virtual Zoom Magic Show – amazing, family friendly online mind reading and magic on Zoom, Teams, WebEx and all virtual platforms

Virtual Happy Hour Entertainment

Virtual Happy Hour Entertainment

Fantastic virtual happy hour entertainment has become huge. Massive. Trying to find something that will engage everyone is difficult. Luckily, since the explosion of virtual entertainment in 2020 you now have some good options.

A virtual magic show is one of the best entertainments you can have during happy hour. It’s amazing, interactive and 100% family friendly. Everyone loves a bit of magic.

How does a virtual magic show work?

An exciting magic show as your virtual happy hour entertainment will be one of the best things you’ve ever done online. Alan will send you a link or he can pop in and join your call. The show has mind reading and magic and it all involves your guests. He uses picture in picture technology to make sure everyone can see Alan and also the person he’s performing the trick with. Sometimes it’s one at a time and sometimes it’s everyone. The show is fast moving with incredible magic, humour and music.

The show can last 15, 30 or 45 minutes. There’s also an extended option to even learn a few magic tricks to impress your friends on Zoom or in real life.

Mind reading online works particularly well. Imagine when Alan gets one of your colleagues on screen and asks them to think of any celebrity – he then manages to read their mind over the internet. It’s incredible!

You don’t need to give any list of attendees beforehand (in fact it’s encouraged so Alan can’t be accused of cheating) and guests don’t need any special equipment to be sent in the post. All they’ll need are a computer and internet (to get on Zoom, Teams, Web Ex etc) and maybe a mobile/cell phone for 1 of the tricks. It’s all very easy and amazing!

Virtual Happy Hour Entertainment Trailer

Who is Alan Hudson?

Alan Hudson has very quickly become one of the world’s leading virtual magicians. He started performing virtual shows very early in 2020 and probably one of the busiest virtual happy hour entertainment shows you can hire.

Seen on ITV’s Penn & Teller: Fool Us, ITV’s The Next Great Magician, Britain’s Got Talent and also a member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star.

How to book Virtual Happy Hour Entertainment

To see if Alan Hudson is able to make your happy hour amazing, fill in the form here and someone will get back to you with details, cost etc.

Virtual Happy Hour Entertainment Magic

How much is Virtual Happy Hour Entertainment?

Cost will depend on the number of guests, date and length of the show. If you are looking for a way to make your next happy hour the best one yet, contact Alan here

Do you have any reviews for virtual happy hour entertainment?

Yes! Alan has performed hundreds of shows for companies all around the world including Amazon, Google, Disney, Microsoft etc. Below are some of the recent verified reviews collected on Google