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Amazing Entertainment For Corporate Events

Entertainment For Corporate Events

Looking for entertainment for corporate events? Alan Hudson (Britain’s Got Talent, The Next Great Magician, Penn & Teller: Fool Us etc) is one of the UK’s leading corporate entertainers.

Usually when trying to decide on the right entertainment for corporate events it is very difficult. Singer? Comedian? Juggler? Juggling comedy singer?

All entertainers have their place and can thrive in different situations. If you want to engage your audience, entertain them and make it memorable with wow moments, a fantastic magician is usually the best option.

Corporate Entertainment to make your event memorable

After dinner magician

Alan Hudson has been hired by hundreds of companies to perform for them. Either in real life or with his virtual magic show on Zoom. He’s performed for Meta, Twitter, Netflix, Disney, Warner Bros, Google, LinkedIn – the list goes on and on. Based in the UK, but gets to perform all over the world including Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, Zurich – you get the idea.

Performing incredible magic with your audience. They don’t just sit and watch. Your guests get to be the star of the show. Alan will read your guests minds and even reveal someone’s PIN! The act can be tailored for your individual needs. For instance, you might have a product that Alan could use in a trick. Or maybe you really want to involve the CEO in a mind reading miracle? Alan’s show can be adapted for different venue spaces as well as international audiences with English as a second language.

Magical Entertainment for Corporate Events

The show can be adjusted in length to fit your event. The best length is usually 30 minutes, however a 15 minute version is also available as well as a full length 1 hour show. The act contains plenty of engagement and interaction with the audience. Have a look at the corporate comedy magic showreel below.

Britain’s Got Talent Entertainment for Corporate Events

Alan Hudson has been seen on lots of top TV shows from all over the world including Italy’s Tu Si Que Vales, USA’s Penn & Teller: Fool Us and of course UK’s Britain’s Got Talent.

Many of your guests will probably have seen Alan perform on one of these TV shows, but live and in person is so much better. And of course, there’s always a chance they might get to participate in the act…

Virtual Entertainment for Corporate Events

The Actual Virtual Magic Show is one of the world’s best and most seen corporate entertainments. Been booked over 1500 times with multiple bookings from some of the world’s top companies including Google, Microsoft, Astrazeneca, Netflix etc.

The interactive Zoom show can engage your corporate audience across the globe. Mind reading, magic and fantastic interaction to connect people in different continents. Perfect for team building activities, online conferences, virtual happy hours etc

Virtual Entertainment for Corporate Events

What is the best entertainment for corporate events?

Well, best is always subjective. An entertaining magician who can engage and amaze your audience is certainly one of the most successful entertainments for a corporate audience.

When is the best time for entertainment for corporate events?

It all depends on what else you have going on? Sometimes as people are seated, a 30 minute show before starters is a great way to kick off the evening and spark lots of conversation. Alternatively, after desserts for an amazing after dinner magic show.

Where do you hire entertainment for corporate events from?

Years ago, you’d have to hire corporate entertainment from huge agencies. With the invention of the internet, you can now contact entertainers directly to see if they are the right person for your event.

How much does it cost for corporate entertainment?

It’s impossible to list prices as the answer is, it depends. It depends on the location, the date, the time, the amount of work involved etc. So many variable at at play.

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